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Building Faith.          Building Families.          Building a Future.
Concord Church of the Nazarene
2520 Highway 49 North
Concord, NC  28025
(704) -782-9832
     WEEKLY SCHEDULE                                 _   ____
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Sundays  @  9:30 - 10:20am 

Adult Bible Study (Room#200)
     * Coffee & Snack Provided *             
Class for Teens
                                                            Classes for Children Ages 2 - 12

Nursery for Ages 0 - 2

        Sundays  @  10:45am        

Regular Worship Service;
                                                            Children's Church (Ages 2 - 12)
      Wednesdays  @  7:00pm      

Classes for All Ages

Thursdays  @  10:00am

Ladies' Prayer Group

* Bible Study continues
   Wednesday Evenings
    for the  Teens & Adults 
* "Encounters with God" Study continues
Sunday Mornings
     for the Adults
   6 -  CCN is hosting Teen Quiz Meet
  14 -  Message:  "Disappointment with God -- Part 2"
  21 -  Movie:  "Star of Bethlehem"
                     * Pot-luck Lunch afterward *
  25 -  Christmas Day (Celebrate Jesus' Birthday!!)
        **However, there will be NYI Planning Session                       for ALL College & High School Students in                          Room #200 (Adult S.S. Room)
  1 -  Happy New Year!
  4 -  Begin the New Year by coming to Church!
        9:30am Sunday School & 10:45am Worship Service                              "Good Riddance" Sunday
  11 -  Message:  "Spiritual Narcissism"
                                     *Board Metting @ 2:30pm
  17 -  Jr. Quiz Meet @ Monroe
  18 -  Regular Sunday Services
  30 -  NYI Winter Blast @ Kannapolis 
"Mary, Did You Know?"

  Mary did you know that your baby boy
  will give sight to a blind man?
  Mary did you know that your baby boy
  will calm a storm with his hand?
  Did you know that your baby boy
  has walked where angels trod?
  And when you kiss your little baby,
  you've kissed the face of God.

  Mary did you know that your baby boy
  is Lord of all creation?
  Mary did you know that your baby boy
  will one day rule the nations?
  Did you know that your baby boy
  is heaven's perfect Lamb?
  This sleeping child you're holding
  is the Great I Am.

  Lyrics & Music written by: 
               Mark Lowry & Buddy Greene.